FIX IN A ZIP is Your Trusted Resource For Device Repair and Business Technology Solutions.

How It All Got Started

Like many great businesses, FIX IN A ZIP (also known as FIZ) started in someone’s garage! In 2011, FIZ was officially founded by a group of like-minded business professionals that came together around the idea of mobile device repair. The founding members that have helped build FIZ each bring different skills and experiences to the company. They also bring to the table knowledge in various industries which has helped FIZ evolve from a mobile device repair shoppe in to a company that provides business solutions and consulting services to the communities they serve.

Why FIZ?

The answer is simple. Trust and professionalism. When it comes to mobile device repair, computer repair and even business solutions, we are operating in a competitive space. Because of that, we know we have to do more to gain our customer’s trust and so, we focus on providing a level of customer service many others cannot match.

We offer high quality services and stand behind them with our lifetime guarantee. We do what is right for the customer even when no one is watching. The bottom line is we help our customers manage their modern technology needs while providing old-fashioned customer service.

At the Heart of FIZ

The mobile device and repair remains foundational to our business. However, with the advent of this mobility phenomenon our customers’ needs have rapidly evolved from simple communication devices to becoming an integral component of both their business and personal lives. 


As our customers’ needs have evolved so has FIZ, beyond just a repair of a cracked screen, into delivering world class technology solutions to enable a seamless environment both inside and outside of the office. Our business solution centers are equally part of the FIZ DNA.

Looking past our service list and to the core of our company, we are focused on upholding our values which are a part of everything we do here at FIZ.

Integrity – We do what is right even when nobody is watching.
Individuals who show integrity in the workplace not only understand right from wrong, but they practice it in all they do. We believe employees must have this quality in order for them to adhere to our other values. We need to know we can trust our co-workers without question in order to let them serve the customers we value so highly.

Service – Excellence in service is the foundation that supports everything we do.
We believe serving the customer is our business, not repair or a installing a new technology. No matter how outstanding our quality, technique, or product is, if we don’t excel at taking care of the customer then we don’t deserve their business. Our products and repairs are of the highest quality, but we are determined to make our customer service truly exceptional.

Teamwork – We strive to create an atmosphere that inspires and enables people to reach their full potential. Our most valuable resource is our team, and we are dedicated to helping them capture their dreams. Furthermore, with regard to our clients we take a multidisciplinary approach to assembling the right team with the right expertise to solve the challenges posed to our clients.

Faith – We strive to be a relationally centric company in which our interactions with our customers, team members, and the communities are grounded in the belief that each person was created in the image of our Creator. As such, all people no matter our differences should be treated with dignity and respect. Our corporate orientation, although imperfect, finds direction from the enduring rather than the temporal.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about FIZ, we look forward to working with you the next time your mobile device needs to be repaired or when you need expert advice on business technology solutions.