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Your business’s technological infrastructure is an important component to your day to day operations. Secure, efficient and effective technology systems can improve your company’s productivity and ultimately your revenue! Before you begin adding technology to your business, you should assess your needs and have a strategy in place to implement systems that meet your requirements. Sounds complicated right?

Not if you work with FIZ! Our team of experienced consultants can help you evaluate your business’s needs and make recommendations on how to get the right products and services in place. Once we’ve determined what you need, we will work with you throughout the installation process until the technology is fully functioning.



Unlike traditional technology companies of the past, FIZ's Business Driven Performance Solutions (BDPS) methodology takes a holistic look at our clients' businesses and develops a roadmap to align their customers, business strategy, operations, sales and marketing, human capital, financial, and information technology resources. Our BDPS often times results in startling improvements for our clients' business overall business performance and profitability. 

Fix in a Zip eCommerce and Web Production


We will provide your company with a professional and high quality website and integrated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capabilities that can get your company noticed first. We take a strategic approach to your requirements. We also offer implementation of top ecommerce platforms to help your online sales presence stand out from competitors. From Shopify to Big Commerce, we select a solution based on your needs.

Fix in a Zip Managed IT & Support Solutions


Don't want to manage your own IT? Then we have a solution to help your business focus on its core mission and to stop wasting money and time running in place managing your network. We (along with our partners) can take the pressure away and provide 24/7 coverage and backup systems to keep your business running at all times. From cost savings to personnel management the benefits to Managed IT can be immense.

Fix in a Zip Business Phone Solutions


Flexible and affordable Internet phone systems to help reduce your internal capital expenditures which allow you to focus on what you do best, run your business. Our Business Phone / VoIP partners provide the highest quality and secure systems that give your business flexibilities not seen with traditional and costly legacy systems.

Fix in a Zip Cloud Solutions


Seamless and cost effective approach to migrate your business to the cloud. Our mobile application partners provide your business the tools to significantly increase production and efficiencies by combining and integrating your email, calendar, word processing, spreadsheet capabilities and many other daily business tools all on one robust and secure platform. Our mobile application products are highly scalable and grow as your business grows.


Have you experienced data loss from hardware failure, unintended deletion, natural disaster, or accidental damage to a mobile device, tablet, or computer? FIZ Business Solutions provides advanced data recovery for businesses and individuals. Our industry proven expertise has enabled us to recover data from virtually any situation. We've done it all, from the most sensitive cases to the mom who has lost her irreplaceable photos on her damaged mobile device.