Drone Fire & Rescue Services

Keep Your Fire & Rescue Teams
Safer Than Ever

Whether you are part of a local police force, fire department or a disaster response unit, timing is at the forefront of your activity. Occasionally response time is jeopardized by on the ground obstacles, flight restrictions and a lack of data, but, taking advantage of the latest technology can practically eliminate these otherwise unavoidable risks.

Drones are cheaper than helicopters and can be deployed from anywhere. Drones also allow you to quickly survey a dangerous situation, assess the risks and who needs help the most. Find out how FIZ can help your team stay safe and help others.


Crowd Monitoring
Unprecedented Access
Faster 360S Than Ever Before
Search and Rescue
Monitor Wild / Large Fires

The Sensors

Autonomous Visual Scene Assessment

  • Eliminate surprises by understanding a scene and its threats far better than you can from the ground or a ladder.

Flir Thermal

  • Finding objects and people in the dark of night has become possible with the use of thermal sensors allowing the detection of movement and body heat.

See Through Smoke, Flames and Dust

  • Drones can provide situational awareness over vast areas at an unmatched speed, they are the new eye in the sky aiding in searches for missing persons and suspects of crime.


  • Go over obstacles and threats that would have previously delayed operations – or halted them altogether. Eliminate the need to put people and expensive equipment in harm’s way to assess a critical HAZMAT situation.

Equipment & Personnel Tracking

  • In minimizing the number of searchers required to locate such persons, drones can reduce the time, cost and risk of missions.


The Videos


The Drones

The Software

Broadcast From Anywhere. Access To Anyone. Understand And Identify.

MissionKeeper is the world’s preeminent video and data management solution for drones, ground robots, underwater ROVs, CCTV, body cams and more.

With MissionCaster, multiple sources of video and data can be broadcast into a highly secure cloud environment where near real-time collaboration, and data enrichment via analytics can take place.

When combined with post-mission archive and search and full chain of custody security, MissionKeeper delivers the full turn-key solution you need.

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